Thursday, April 28, 2005

choi, my last day in my home country

last draft
My last day in my home country

Someone asked me, “which do you like better America or Korea?” I will say, “like Korea, because Korea is my home country.” Of course, I like America too. However I have some reasons that I like Korea much more. First, Korea is more comfortable than America. I have lived in my country for a long time. I live in America now but I do not know much about American culture, and language, and so on. So, this is a little uncomfortable to live in America. However, I know everything about Korea. Such as, Korean culture, food, language, and each person’s character. So, there is not problem to live in Korea. Second, I think America does not have humanity between person. This is because of America has a lot of formal greetings. So this is very strange for me and I do not know much about American culture. I want to study more English to know American culture. Third, just I miss my country, my parents, my friend. Especially I really want to see my girlfriend. Finally these are my problem to want to go back to my country. As a result my all kind of important thing is in Korea. So I like my country and I love my country.

ERIC - My classmate is MARIO

I will introduce my classmate Mario. He’s from Costa Rica. He is 30 years old and single. Of course he has a girlfriend. I don’t know why he didn’t get married. Anyway, he goes to the recreation center on campus in his free time. He runs and swims in the recreation center. Next, Mario’s hobbies are listening to music and watching TV shows. One of his favorite types of music is rock-and-roll. Next, Mario can’t cook. So if I want some food, he can’t cook for me. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is pasta and his favorite shoes are sneakers. However, I don’t know what are sneakers. Since coming to America, his favorite thing is nothing. In addition, He really misses his family. In conclusion, Mario is my first Costa Rican friend and best friend.

Yeo sim-My first day in Carbondale

My first day in Carbondale

Yeo Sim

My first day in Carbondale was interesting. First, I had seen many trees, birds, and squirrels. I felt the nature. I didn't felt the nature in Seoul. I think that Carbondale is peaceful and green. Just at that moment, I was tired because I flew from Korea for about 20 hours. I had to rest.  Second, I had eaten a variety of American food. For example, pizza, hamburger, potatoes and soda. I originally like American food. I especially like Starbucks coffee. Third, I saw half-naked people, in spite of strong wind. There aren't half-naked people in Seoul. For this reason, many Koreans felt awkward to be exposed. Therefore, I was surprised. Finally, I had to greet strangers. In my country, many people don't greet strangers. So, it is a marvelous experience. I had a pleasant time. My first day in Carbondale was very exciting and happy.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Soo - My first day in Carbondale

My first day in Carbondale
April. Soojin Jang

My first day in Carbondale was protected by God. At first, my family arrived at St. Louis airport. We were very tired. Then, I realized that I left my bag on the plane. I asked clerk at the information desk for help to look for my bag. Fortunately, I found my back at the boarding desk. My parents went to the new house with their friends by car. My brother and I had to go by another car, because there were many bags and many people. Next, we went upstairs to ride B.A.R.T. (a type of big taxi) that we called. However, we missed the B.A.R.T. car that loaded our bags. The B.A.R.T's driver forgot to get us. We were embarrassed. Just at that time, when we stood in front of the door, a woman who was in her car called us. She called my friend in Carbondale after listening to our story. In addition, another B.A.R.T's driver who stood beside us called her company to look for our B.A.R.T. We felt at rest by their kindness. We thanked them for their help. Then, after one hour, the B.A.R.T driver came back to pick us up. The driver apologized to us about his mistake.
We talked about many things of America while we were coming home.
He told us about his family, his job and living in America. It was a very long distance from St. Louis to Carbondale. When we arrived at home, the sky was dark. We were very tired but very thankful to God. We were helped by many people from our first day in Carbondale. In conclusion, my first day in Carbondale was very long, embarrassing but exciting. I'll never forget that lucky day.

Choi's first day in carbondale

My first day in Carbondale


When I was in Korea, I wanted to come to Carbondale so I had high expectation about Carbondale. On the first day, when I arrived in Carbondale, I went to a hotel with my uncle, and arranged my many bags and I looked around Carbondale.There were many good places, good air, and very interesting customs. I felt alittle strange but I liked that and I was very excited to see these new sights. The second day, I checked into my dorm. I had to go Wal-Mart because I needed to get a refrigerator,microwave, and so on. When I finish my shopping, I came back to my dorm and I called my family. My mother was very worried about me but I said my mother "am ok, don't worry". Also I was very lonely but I had to endure. On the third day, I went to orientation for CESL class. Also, I was a little worried, but there were many kind people so I felt very comfortable. These are my stories in Carbondale. Finally I think Carbondale has good places so I want to see all these good places and I want to go to other beautiful places in the USA.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Chapter 8 summary by Angelica Silva

Angelica Silva
Novel & Film

Chapter 8 summary

There are important events in Chapter 8, but for me this is a plot summary of the most fascinating chapter in the book Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. First, Sarah said to Papa she wants to learn how to ride a horse because she wants to drive a wagon by herself. Second, Sarah puts on Jacob’s overalls to show that she can work very hard. Third, they heard the rumble of thunder, and Papa looked up at the clouds and got very worried. Also, there was an eerie storm coming. In addition, Papa needed to fix the house’s roof because it was loose and Sarah helped him. Next, the family was safe into the barn with their animals. Sarah had to go outside because her chickens and Seal (her cat) weren’t in the barn. Sarah cried a lot. She thought with the tornado her pets will be died. Finally, in my opinion, the beginning of summer was fine because it permitted the family to be together. Therefore, the most important fact that happened in chapter 8 was Papa touched Sarah very closely and Anna remembered when her Papa and her Mama used to stand that way.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Moon- Chapter 8 summary

Jeong Ah Moon
Mar. 4. 05

Chapter 8 summery

In Ch.8 we can find many important things. First, Sarah dressed in a pair of Jacob’s overalls because she wanted to show to him that she is strong. Second, Sarah said she wanted to learn how to ride a horse and she would ride Jack. Also, she said she was a good carpenter. All these sentences showed Sarah is very strong and not mild-mannered. Third, Anna’s tears gathered at the corners of her eyes. Next, Jacob ordered Caleb to “Get the horses inside” and for Anna to “Get the sheep, cows” because hail was coming. Finally, Sarah said, “My chickens!” and ran from the barn into a sheet of rain. In conclusion, we can find more sentences because Ch.8 is the most important chapter in the book.

Monday, February 28, 2005

tomomi ikeuchi chapter5

Tomomi Ikeuchi TITLE: Important events in Chapter5
Sarah wrote to William about sliding down the dune. She likes this place and she feels they are like family. Jacob surprised Sarah with the dune, because he wanted Sarah to feel happy. Sarah, Jacob, Anna, and Caleb slid down together and had fun. They feel together.

Chika Azuma Chapter 5

(Chika Azuma)

The three most important events in Chapter 5

There are three important events in Chapter 5. First, Sarah, Anna, and Caleb talk about their first word. This is how they found out about Sarah’s dune. Second, they found the dune of hay. While playing, they became close looked like a family. Third, Sarah said, “Our dune.” There is something about this word that makes Caleb and Anna think she will become their mother. In conclusion, I think these three events from in Chapter 5 are important.

Haruka Kawano Chapter5

(haruka kawano)

The three most important events in Chapter 5

The first important event is that Caleb, Anna and Sarah mention what their first words were.
Because of their first words, Sarah said the ward “dune”. Second, Papa showed Sarah, Anna and Caleb their dune of hay and they slid down. They spent a very good time looking like a real family.
Third, Papa removed some hay from Sarah’s hair. When I saw this, I had a feeling that Papa and Sarah felt strongly about each other. Perhaps they love each other. In conclusion, there are many reasons why I think these three events are important.

Arisa Isono Chapter 5

Arisa Isono
Important events in Chapter 5
In chapter 5 there are three important events. First, Sarah likes the sheep very much. She cried and shouted when she found a lamb that had died. Second,Sarah drew pictures to send to William. Her pictures are very important to guess the feelings and relationships among the characters(Sarah, Jacob,Caleb,and Anna).Third, sarah,Jacob,Caleb, and Anna slid down the dune.After they played together, their sense of distance shortened.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Moon - Interesting Contury Venezuela


People are different in Venezuela. First, people who live in North are almost all fishermen because they live by the ocean. And people who live in the South are almost all farmers, because there are many farms, like Kansas. Second, people who live in Mendo are more friendly than people who live in other states. Finally, many different kinds of people live in Venezuela, for example, Chinese, Japanese and American, too. So, there are many different cultures there.

Do you Know Korea? Angelica Silva

Angelica Silva
Novel & Film

Do you know Korea?

There are many things about this interesting country that I could say. In fact, Korea is a country that I wish to visit. There are lots of sections and cities, systems of goverment, kinds of weather, languages, kinds of food and people’s characteristics. Firt, Korea is a contry with two sections called North Korea and South Korea. South Korea hasmany cities. For example Daegu, Taegu, Jeju, Busan Tejon, but its capital is Seul. Other examples are the systems of goverment. In North Korea there is a system of goverment called comunism, but in South Korea the system of goverment is called democracy. Next, the weather in Korea is similar to the other countries like America and Italy. Korea has four seasons, but in South Korea it warmer than in North Korea. The people in Korea use different dialects to comunicate, but the principal language is Korean. In addition, there is a common food called “kinchi”. It’s prepared with different flavors. In Seoul it is not as salty as in Busan. North Korea’s people are very conservative and polite. They don’t express their emotions easily. For these people the distance between others is very important. In contrast, South Korea’s people are friendly, happy and busy. The young people respect the old people. In conclusión, Korea is an interesting and exciting country that everyone sould get to. Therefor, I’m sure that a tourist, like me, sould forget to include Korea on our travel’s list.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Trip Trip

Hello everyone,

Please Please join the CESL outing this weekend!!

We are going to visit my home city...and it is a lot of fun !!

So please sign up and join the fun!!